The SongCatcher

“inspiring in becoming, believing, & belonging by giving youth a voice”


See the world through the eyes of a child. Imagine her having a way to express what’s happening in her life and project herself in a positive way by discovering her creative, rather than destructive, force. She becomes the creator; not the consumer. This is what the SongCatcher Program is all about; acknowledging the genius in children. It enriches, inspires and elevates their confidence and self-awareness. It creates a sense of ownership through something as simple as song writing.

Whether it is “Native Message” a hip hop rap about cultural survival, Jade’s “The Saddest Day,” lamenting the death of his grandfather, Tara’s “A Million Can Smile,” a moving story about a failing marriage, a Kindergarten’s “Please Pass the Pretzels” counting song, or Mathias’ “The Hungry Coyote” a rocking little ditty about a lonesome coyote looking for food, the program allows the children to express themselves while focusing on teamwork and building mutual understanding.


Young people make great songwriters, documenting life in their communities in an unselfconscious, clever, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always truthful way. Many schools today are lacking a way of engaging and inspiring students, especially those on the fringes who are at risk for drug use and gang activity, and who typically make poor choices and end up dropping out of school.

The SongCatcher Program seeks to capture their imaginations and attention with a new and exciting approach to language arts and state standards. We support young people in sharing their ideas and expressing their emotions. We ask them to tell their own stories and answer the questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? And what do I want from life? An expression of a whole community that can inspire to change lives.