I am in business of making good guitarists. I have a systematic and thorough plan for all students to acquire the concepts and skills needed to be a good musician while fostering creativity. It is challenging and goal-oriented yet achievable with your commitment.

Things to work towards:

  • Tone
  • Technique: fingerstyle, pick
  • Fretboard fundamentals and rudiments: scales, chords, arpeggios, intervals
  • Patterns: melodic, rhythmic, sequence, harmonic
  • Tunes: solo pieces, melodies, song accompaniment styles
  • Finger memory: independence, strength, accuracy & coordination, speed, flow
  • Theory & musicianship: reading notation, chord symbols, transposing, arranging, improvisation
  • Communicate/express thoughts & emotions behind the music: dynamics, tempo

Fees policy:

  • Lessons are fifty minutes long. House-calls are forty-minutes in length.
  • The fee is $50 per lesson, paid in advance.
  • Day of cancellations cannot be made up.
  • Cancellations with forty-eight hour notice made be made up or credited back to your account
  • Weekly lessons are the norm.
  • Fall Semester is fifteen lessons (one a week) and runs September through December, keeping a regular day and time through out.
  • Spring Semester is fifteen lessons (one a week) and runs January through May, keeping a regular day and time through out.
  • Summer Session can go from June through August, however you are not locked in, so there is fleibility in the frequency and day or time of the lessons.
  • The total cost for a Fall or Spring ¬†Semester is $750.00.
  • The total cost for summer depends on the number of lessons planned.

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